Windows 10 MQTT Client

Make your windows 10 computer IOT friendly with MQTT.

too much texting while dating Mqtt is the leading protocol to exchange message between diffrent systems

Publish mqtt senors

Cpu prosessor load /cpuprosessortime

official site [maintopic]/cpuprosessortime returns string 0-100%

Free memory in MB /freememory

rencontre 68 ado [maintopic]/freememory returns string of memory in MB

Volume muted

chistes para ligar mujeres [maintopic]/mute 1=muted 0=not muted

Master volume in % volume

pop over to this site [maintopic]/volume returns string of current volume setting 0-100

Camera Screnshot of primary monitor

site de rencontre ivoirien gratuit if enabled it publishes to specified folder as jpg file or published the [maintopic]/mqttcamera topic

Battery sensors if enabled published to [maintopic]/Power with subtopics

  • BatteryChargeStatus
  • BatteryFullLifetime
  • BatteryLifePercent
  • BatteryLifeRemaining
  • PowerLineStatus

Disk sensors

mon homme site de rencontre [maintopic]/drive Subtopic with each drive letter with the following subtopics

  • totalsize
  • percentFree
  • availablefreespace

Exsample : kjetilsv/drive/c/totalsize

MQTT lisensers

The predefined is optional due safety resons


[maintopic]/mute/set 1=muted 0=not muted
published to [maintopic]/mute after setting


[maintopic]/volume/set volume 0-100 published to [maintopic]/volume after setting


[maintopic]/monitor/set 0-1 published to [maintopic]/monitor after setting

Suspend PC








Toast message

[maintopic]/toast Displays a message on the windows computer. Message exsample “Home Assistant,kom ned!,Kjetil,c:\temp\iselin.jpg”. The the image must be visable from the windows computer.


[maintopic]/hibrernate Mqtt message is sendt to the synthesizer. Currently the volume is set to 100%

Custom commands

[maintopic]/[customcommandname] Message is currently not used, will be impemented in later versions.